Friday, April 1, 2016

Intelligent Data Management Framework For Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Last week, during all the sessions, a nice little update took place for the IDMF, or Intelligent Data Management Framework, for Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

First off, a direct link (PartnerSource or CustomerSource Access Required), to the IDMF download area can be found here.: Intelligent Data Management Framework Download.

Now, let me say this.: Every Customer and Partner, with an AX instance from 3.0, 4.0 and 2009 should be downloading this and looking at it.

If you don't have a good partner, contact me and I can hook you up with a partner that understands the value this brings. 

From the IDMF page.: 
"The Intelligent Data Management Framework for Microsoft Dynamics® AX helps administrators optimize Dynamics AX database layout by providing functionality to manage key database layout techniques, by way of intuitive Archiving and Purging capabilities. 

The framework provides the platform for reduction in database size by purging and archiving of transactions records from sets of relating entities, while maintaining the consistency and integrity of production data. The Intelligent Data Management Framework provides customers and partners the ability to identify and discover related entities based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX metadata and to determine the purging or archiving criteria for tables. 

The Intelligent Data Management Framework also analyzes the Production database to determine usage patterns and assesses the health of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application. This Framework is compatible with all supported versions of Dynamics AX. The Intelligent Datat Management Framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a benefit of staying enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement plan."

This is meant to be a tool, that resides along side Dynamics AX, to offer a company the ability to archive inactive data, and also remove marked obsolete data. This can happen by Fiscal Year, and done via the options and Dashboard within the client of the IDMF. 

This framwork using Microsoft technologies, that you could create yourself, is being offered to those customers that stay actively enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement plan, from Microsoft itself.

This framework makes use of SSIS packages, DMV's for Performance, ability to mark and see inactive data and move that data to an archive location, move it back as needed or mark as obsolete for total removal. 

The following is a direct link to a presentation put on by Tao Wang Principal Development Manager Dynamics AX performance, at the AXUG Summit this year: TEC01 - The New Intelligence Data Management (IDM) Tool

Tao does a great job of going over the fact that the IDMF is very much a scalable solution. In that all can be on a single mahince, or as needed parts of it spread and scaled correctly, based on need. 

Up until the release of this tool, Partners and Customers did what this tool already does. Create SSIS packages, use DMV's manaually and understanding what DMV's exists, how to join them and read them. Now, with this tool, both DB health, and size related to indexes, and inactive data can be dealt with, in a nice dashboard fashion. 

I highly recommend downloading this now, and reviewing it. Set it up to hit a test instance of AX, and run through all the options it offers. Archive inactive data, bring it back, look at the performance dashboards, etc. etc. 

That's all for now, but thanks Microsoft for taking and release to the public this great tool!

Till next time!

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